FROM: B.H. SUBJECT: Chauvinist From Hell! Well, I Heard This Joke From A Rather Drunk Friend Of Mine.

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SUBJECT: Chauvinist from Hell!

Well, I heard this joke from a rather drunk friend of mine. The clincher
is, he told it in front of his wife. Not a pretty sight...

God created the world. He was lonely, and so he created the
birds, the animals, and the fishes. He was still lonely, and
so he created two men. When he finished, he sat back and
sighed satisfactorily. A timid angel raised his hand and
said, "God, there is just one problem. You have created two
men. They cannot reproduce." God thought about the problem
for a moment, scratched his chin, and replied, "You're right.
Give the dumb one a cunt."

I just about fell over!