Three Elderly Women, Recently Transplanted From The Northeast To A Florida Retirement Community, Were Getting Acquainted At Poolside.

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Three elderly women, recently transplanted from the Northeast to a Florida
retirement community, were getting acquainted at poolside. Inevitably, their
conversation turned to children. "My son is the most successful doctor on
Park Avenue," announced Mrs. Cohen. Not to be outdone, Mrs. Goldsteinthe
remarked, "My son is the most successful lawyer on Wall Street." Mrs. Smith
remained conspicuously silent. Sensing easier game, Mrs. Cohen inquired,
"And you, dear, do you have a son?" "And is he a professional?" demanded
Mrs. Goldstein. "Well, not exactly," answered Mrs. Smith, "Actually, he's
a plumber. And not only that, he's gay." Beaming, one of the poor woman's
interrogators offered consolation: "Ah, he's not doing so well ..." This
time it was the Mrs. Smith smiled. "He's not doing too badly," she explained.
"He goes out with the most successful doctor on Park Avenue and the most
successful lawyer on Wall Street ..."