A Young Man Is On A Date With A Young Woman And They Go Parking.

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A young man is on a date with a young woman and they go parking.
After some heavy petting the young man asks the young woman for oral
sex. "No", says the young woman, "you won't respect me." So the
young man is content to wait.

After they had been dating a few months, the young man again asks the
young woman for oral sex. Again she replies, "No, you won't respect me."

Eventually the two get married and the husband asks his bride
"Honey, please, we're married now. You know I love you and respect
you. Can we please have oral sex?". "No", she says "I just know
that if I do that you won't respect me." So the man waits.

and waits...

and waits....

After 20 years of marriage the man says, "Honey, we've been together
20 wonderful years now. We've raised three beautiful kids. You
KNOW that I love you and respect you completely. How about oral sex,
just once???? Please??????" and the wife finally gives in to her
husband's wish and peforms oral sex on him. After she is done they
are lying in bed relaxing and the telephone rings. The husband turns
to his wife and says, "Answer that you cocksucker."