JEFFREY DAHMER JOKES Q: What Other Charges Will Be Filed Against Dahmer?

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Q: What other charges will be filed against Dahmer?
A: Selling arms to Iran.

Q: What were they playing on the radio when the police entered Dahmer's
A: "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face."

Q: What did Dahmer say to the police when they arrested him?
A: "Oh, come on, have a heart."

Q: Why did Dahmer put the head in the refrigerator?
A: To see if the light really turned off.

Q: What does the ad for Dahmer's apartment say?
A: Apartment for rent, roommate included, some assembly required.

Q: Did you hear that Dahmer got out on bail?
A: Yeah, he had to put up an arm and a leg.

Q: Did you hear that Dahmer sold his Chevette?
A: It just didn't have enough leg room.

Dahmer used body parts to brew his own beer. Trouble was, when you poured it
out, it had no head.

Milwaukee is so upset over the Dahmer killings, that the city council is
changing the name of the town to "Hack 'n Sack."

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