Bill Goes To A Fertility Clinic. "The First Thing We Need", Says The Doctor, "is A Sperm Sample".

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Bill goes to a fertility clinic. "The first thing we need", says the doctor,
"is a sperm sample". He gives Bill a bottle and directs him to room four.
Bill goes down the hall, opens the door to room four and finds two absolutely
gorgeous women dressed in scanty lingerie. They procede to arouse him beyond
his wildest dreams, and in a few minutes, he heads back down the hall with a
big smile and a full bottle. Realizing he had to pee, he opens the door to
the first bathroom he comes across, only to interrupt a guy frantically
masturbating with a copy of Playboy. In the second bathroom a fellow was
doing the same thing with a Penthouse centerfold. Back in the doctor's
office, Bill asks the doctor about the two other fellows. "Oh, those guys?"
asked the doctor dismissively. "Those're my Medicaid patients."