Some Guys Are Trading Increadible Stories In A Bar When One Of Them Pulls A Miniature Grand Piano Out Of His Pocket And Sets It Down On The Bar.

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Some guys are trading increadible stories in a bar when one of them pulls
a miniature grand piano out of his pocket and sets it down on the bar. Next
he produces a little man about a foot high from his other pocket and sets him
down on the bar. The tiny man sits down at the piano, and immediately
starts playing the minute waltz.
Upon the insistance of the other patrons in the bar, the man tells how he
was walking on the beach when he spotted a bottle that had washed up on shore.
Once open, the bottle produced a cloud of green smoke from which appeared a
genie. The genie promised the man that he could have anything that he wanted.
"But he must of been hard of hearing" the man said sadly, "'cause he gave me
this twelve-inch pianist!"