A Man Suffering From A Severe Case Of Flatulence Goes To The Doctor.

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A man suffering from a severe case of flatulence goes to the doctor.

Man: Doctor, I have a terrible (FARRRT!) problem. I just can't (FFFART!!)
stop farting.

Doctor: That is an unusual complaint. Take off your clothes and lay, stomach
down, on the couch.

The man does as he is told. The doctor examines him for a minute - the man
farting all the time.

Doctor: Ah ha! This should be easy to cure. Excuse me for a moment.

The doctor goes over to a closet and pulls out a long pole with a sharp
spike at one end.

Man: (FAART!) Oh my God! (fart..) What are you going to do with
(FFFARTT!!) that ?!

Doctor: I need to open a window.