A Math Student And A Computer Science Student Are Jogging Together In A Park When They Hear A Voice

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A math student and a computer science student are jogging together in a park when they hear a voice: "Please, help me!"

They stop and look. The voice belongs to a frog sitting in the grass.

"Please, help me!" the frog repeats. "I'm not really a frog: I'm an enchanted, beautiful princess. Kiss me, and the spell will be broken - and
I will be yours forever..."

The CS student picks up the frog and examines it carefully from all sides - making not even an attempt to kiss it.

"You don't have to marry me", the frog continues frantically, "if you're afraid of the commitment. I'll do whatever you wish me to do if you
just kiss me..."

The frog's voice is silenced, when the CS student puts the animal into the right pocket of his pants.

"But why don't you kiss her?!" the math student asks.

"You know", the CS student replies, "I simply don't have time for a girlfriend - but a frog that talks makes a really cool pet..."