I Fart To Make You Smell Better." What Do You Call A Blond With A Dollar On Top Of Her Head?

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"I fart to make you smell better."

What do you call a blond with a dollar on top of her head?
All You Can Eat for under a buck!

How many Male Chauvanist Pigs does it take to change a light bulb?
None, let the F***ING bitch make dinner in the dark!

What do call two blondes in the freezer?
Frosted flakes!

Why do women like to 'do it' doggie style?
So they can watch the Packer game too....

what can you say about the woman of the 90's?
she thinks f*cking and cooking are two cities in China!

how did magic johnson get aids?
had engine trouble....he blew a Piston!

Ok, so there's this guy in his early 20s, your average young stud. Every
weekend he goes to the bars, picks up a nice young lady, takes her back to
his apartment, and bangs her til the morning. Well, he's getting kind of
sick of this life, so he decides one Friday night to try a really ugly
lady. He goes to a bar and there's a lady in her 70s or 80s, all saggy
and everything, and he picks her up. So he takes her back to his place
and then starts undressing her. After he pulls her blouse off, he begins
sucking on her breasts. A warm juice flows out and the young man
proclaims, "That is some of the best tasting milk I've ever had, but
aren't you a little old to still produce milk?" and the old bag replies,
"You bet, sonny, but not too old to have cancer!"

Now that we are in an election year, it seems appropriate that some good
policial jokes should start coming out. Some good ones from the past:
(From '72) Why change Dicks in the middle of a screw?...Vote for Nixon in
(From '88) What's a difference between a Republican woman and a Democratic
woman? A republican woman has BUSH in her HART!

Dick Nixon before he dicks you!
And another:
"In your heart you know he's nuts" -- Johnson - Goldwater 1964