Two Polacks Are Drving Along In Their Truck When The Y See A Pig By The Side Of The Road.

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Two Polacks are drving along in their truck when the y see a pig by the side
of the road. Well, this is pretty unusual, so they stop for a look.
They're sitting there when a highway patrolman rolls up in his car.
the patrolman thinks this is odd, so stops. He looks at the two poles and
says "Does this pig belong to you two?"
"No officer, we were just driving along and saw the pig here. We stopped and
were trying to figure out what to do with it."
The officer looks at them for a moment and then says " Well, since ya'll have
a truck there, why don't you put the pig in the truck and take it to the Dallas
Well, the polacks figure that's a pretty good idea, and start to load the pig
up. The officer drives off, figuring things are well in hand.
A few days later, the officer is out patrolling and he sees a truck going the
opposite direction with the two poles in the front, with the pig between them
with a baseball cap on its head. The officer wheels the car around and
pulls the truck over. He goes to the cab and the polack rolls down the window.
"Boys," he says" I thought I told you two to take that pig to the zoo."
"Well, officer, we did take him to the zoo. As a matter of fact, he liked it
so much, we figured we'd take him to the Rangers game today!"

OBJ: A Polish airplane was landing at an airport. The pilots had never
been here before. The captain said to the copilot "That runway looks very
short... I'm going to have to go in at a steeper angle." A few minutes later,
the copilot observes that the runway was even shorter than they thought, and
advises an even steeper descent. When they finally land, the copilot turns
to the captain and says "that was incredible. I've never seen a runway so
short." The captain replies, "Yes, but look how *wide* it is!!"

Q: How do you have sex with a fat woman? (oops, I mean gravitationally challenged)
A: You slap her on the thigh and ride the first wave in.

Q: How do you have sex with a fat woman?
A: Roll her in flour, and look for the damp spot!