Hypocrisy : Complaining That There Is Too Much Sex And Violence On Your VCR !

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hypocrisy : complaining that there is too much sex and violence on your VCR !!

There once was a beautiful indian maiden, who was so beautiful all the
young bucks had made offers for her hand in marriage, but before she could
make up her mind which one of the young good looking you men to accept the
100 year old chief, who was the head of the entire indian nation, stepped in
and declared he wanted her for his wife. Now the young maiden was smart
enough to know that she couldn't insult this powerful man by saying no
so she decided she would try to discourage him. So she said, "Well Chief
the man that marries me will have to build me a mansion, I'm tired of
living in this teepee." Well the old chief thought about it awhile and
finally he said, "Ugh. Me build um mansion." So the young maiden did some
quick thinking and said, "Well ok, but the man who marries me will have to
buy me a limo, I'm tired of riding these ponies." The old chief thought
about it for awhile, shook his head and muttered to himself and then said,
"Ugh. Me buy um limo." Desperate now, the young maiden finally said, "Well
Chief the man that marries me must have 12 inches." Well with this
pronouncement the old chief begins to pace up and down shaking his head
and muttering loudly to himself. After about 20 minutes of this he
finally comes back to the maiden and with a BIG SIGH says, "Ugh, me cut
em off two inches!!!