True Story? Last Weekend I Was In The Grocery Store Getting A Gallon Of Milk.

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True Story?
Last weekend I was in the grocery store getting a gallon of milk. As a walk
up to the check out line the lady in front of me turns around and says, "
You are such a doll, you look almost identical to my daughter." Being polite
I said thank you and asked the woman if her daughter was in college? I woman
replied, "No she died about 2 years ago in car accident." I was in complete
shock; I didn't no what to say. As the woman was handing the clerk her
coupons she asked me to do a favor for her. I couldn't say no or it would
seem too awkward. She asked me if I would wave at her and say "by mom." as
she was leaving. Feeling very weird, as the lady was leaving I said "by
mom!" When the clerk rang up my milk he said that will be $65.39. I am
thinking WHAT?! The clerk said your mom told me you would take the bill for
her also. My first reaction was to run after the lady. As I was close behind
her, maybe a foot, I tripped and pulled her leg just like I am pulling