There Was This Salesman Who Died. At The Pearly Gates St Peter Said That He Could Chose Whether He Wanted To Go To Heaven Or Hell.

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There was this salesman who died. At the pearly gates St Peter said
that he could chose whether he wanted to go to heaven or hell. First,
St Peter showed him heaven. There were people dressed in white
flying through the clouds, singing and playing harps. "Boring", declared
the salesman. Then St Peter showed him hell. There were people dancing,
drinking and having a wonderful time at a party. Well, the salesman
took one look at this and said "This is for me! I want to be there".
So St Peter made it so. When he arrived at hell, the salesman was
immediately set upon by huge devils with pitchforks. Screaming with
agony, the salesman asked Satan what happened to the party that St Peter
had shown to him. Satan laughed and said "You must have seen our demo!"