A Young Lady Had Unwantedly Become Pregnant And Wanted An Abortion.

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A young lady had unwantedly become pregnant and wanted an abortion.
Unfortunately, a medical examination showed she could not and when
told so by her doctor she broke down and cried. "I can't have a baby
now...", she said, "There must be something you can do!". The doctor
thought about this for a while, and suddenly he came up with an idea:
"There is bound to be someone in this hospital in for an appendix
operation when you give birth, and we'll just give her the baby and
tell her it wasn't the appendix after all."

The young lady agreed to his plan, but at the time she was giving birth
there were no women in for appendix operation in the hospital, in fact
the only person who was was an old priest. The doctor, desperately
realizing the gravity or the situation and his promise figured he
might as well try anyway.

The priest was overwhelmed. Convinced this was an immaculate
conception he took his little son home. The years passed and his son
grew to become a fine boy. The priest was getting old, and finally he
he called his son to his deathbed.

"There is sommething I have to tell you", said the priest,
"I am not your father". His son looked at him in surprise.
The priest went on; "I am your mother, the bishop is your father".

Truls Solheim Myklebust
University of Oslo