You May Be A Geek If.....You... 1. Have E-mail Addresses On More Than 3 Servers.

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You May Be a Geek if.....You...
1. Have e-mail addresses on more than 3 servers.
2. For fun you think up funny domain names. (My favorite is ""
get it? dot-dot-dot-com.
3. Have more money invested in your computer than your car. ...and don't see
any thing wrong with it.
4. Would rather die than buy a "dummies" book.
5. Think people who can't set the clock on the VCR are pathetic.
6. Have ever tried to verbally coax an answer from your computer.
7. Have ever included :-) in an e-mail message.
8. Have ever used a computer for more than 6 straight hours (while not at
9. Have ever used a computer past 4AM.
10. Own more than 6 computer books thicker than 2 inches.
11. Just measured books in an attempt to dodge the above.
12. Have ever used a computer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the same
13. Find yourself interrupting computer store salesman to correct something
he said.
14. The first thing you notice when walking in a business is their computer
system. ...and offer advice on how you would change it.
15. Have ever mounted a magnetic tape reel.
16. Own any shareware.
17. You know more IP addresses than phone numbers.
18. Have ever accidentally dialed an IP address.
19. Friends use you as tech support.
20. Have ever named a computer.
21. Have your local computer store on speed dial.
22. Can't carry on a conversation without talking about computers.
23. Co-workers have to E-mail you about the fire alarm to get you out of the
24. Have ever found "stray" diskettes when doing laundry.
25. Your computer has it's own phone line - but your teenager doesn't.
26. You check the national weather service web page for current weather
conditions (rather than look out the window).
27. You know more URLs than street addresses.
28. Your pet has a web page.
29. You get really excited when Yahoo adds your link.
30. You have ever dismantled a floppy ... and reassembled it... and it
31. You have ever sent E-mail to someone sitting next to you.
32. You have ever had a dream involving computers.
33. You have ever modified an ini file.
34. You would sell your grandmother for more bandwidth.
35. You start tilting your head sideways to smile.
36. You get up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom and stop to check your E-mail
on your way back to bed.
37. You've entered that USR X2 contest so many times you get e-mail saying
"Forget it Mike you are not going to win, just go buy the modem".
38. You know what the USR X2 contest is.
39. If you have ever dozed off while at the computer.
40. Have ever e-mailed yourself .
41. The tech support folks at your ISP call YOU for the tough ones.
42. You have more than one copy of the same version of software on your
43. You have ever submitted a tip to
44. You have ever chatted with someone while talking to them on the phone.
45. You are surprised that there are other real foods besides pizza.