Subject: Ag Science Students. There Were These 3 Ag Science Students Driving Along This Old Farm Road On Day When They Saw This Farm, Pulled In And Knocked On The Farmers Door.

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Subject: Ag Science students.

There were these 3 Ag Science students driving along this old farm
road on day when they saw this farm, pulled in and knocked
on the farmers door.
The farmer answered the door and the 3 students introduced themselves and
said, "We were just passing by and saw your field of buttercups and was
wondering if we could go and get us a bucket full of butter"?
The old farmer scratched his head and said, " you boys ain't gonna get no
butter from buttercups but your more than welcome to try".
About an hour later the 3 came back thanked the farmer and drove off with
their bucket full of butter. The farmer once again scratched and shook his
head, mumbled under his breath about, "Them damn uni students" and went on about
his business.
About 3 months later the same 3 students came up to the farm,
knocked on the door and asked the farmer if he remembered them. He
chuckled and asked what he could do for them this time?
Well, one of them said. We were just driving by and happened to see
you now have a field of milkweed and we were wondering if we could go
out and get us a bucket of milk?
Once again the old farmer chuckled, shook his head, scratched it
and sarcastically said, "You boys go on out there and get your milk
from my milkweeds".
Once again, bout an hour later the 3 came back with their bucket
FULL of milk and drove off. This time the farmer was really confused,
but just a little less skeptical.
It was about 3 or 4 months later when the 3 agricultural students
came back and again knocked on the farmers door, this time saying that
they were driving by and saw the field full of PUSSYwillows.
Needless to say the farmer went with them.

What do all the female deer do when the male deer are off with Santa Claus?

Go into town and blow a few bucks!