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Yrneh Etac V
(novax!nowhere!etac5) OR (etac5@nowhere)
Alas, it was decided that the Cate AI Project was too advanced for the
current USENET community. To protect the Xerox(*) Corporation from the
deluge of bounced mail, the Etac IA Project has taken over. We truly
regret the inconvenience the Project may have caused, but such is the
road to progress.

(*) Xerox is a trademark of the Xerox(+) Corporation.

(+) Xerox is a trademark of the Xerox(#) Corporation.

(#) Xerox is ...

0, unseen,,
*** EOOH ***
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 90 13:47:52 EST
From: etac7@nowhere (Yrneh Etac VII)
Subject: Funky stuff - part 123

A buxom blonde wore, at a charity ball, an enormous diamond. "It
happens to be the third most famous diamond in the whole world,"
she boasted. "The first is the Hope Diamond, then comes the
Kohinoor, and then comes this one, which is called Lipshitz."

"What a diamond!"

"How lucky you are!"

"Wait, wait, nothing in life is all mazel ", said the diamonded
lady, "Unfortunately, with this famous Lipshitz diamond you must
take the famous Lipshitz curse!"

The ladies buzzed and tsked, "And what's the Lipshitz curse?"

"Lipshitz," sighed the lady.