Once Upon A Time, The Vicar Was Walking In The Vicarage Garden When He Came To A Lily Pond.

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Once upon a time, the vicar was walking in the vicarage garden when he
came to a lily pond. There was a little green frog sitting by the
"My, my, you're a nice little green frog, aren't you?" said
the vicar.
"I'm not really a little green frog" said the little green
frog. "I'm really a choirboy, but a wicked witch put an evil curse on
me, and turned me into a little green frog. The only way I can be
turned back into a choirboy is if some kind mortal were to take me and
put me in their bed for a whole night; then I would be restored to my
former state."
So the vicar, being a kindly sort, took the little green frog,
and he placed it in his bed for a whole night, and in the morning, lo
and behold, the little green frog was restored to his original form as
a choirboy, and they all lived happily ever after.

And that Milord is the case for the defense.