A Whole Bunch Of Guys Are Hanging Out In Their Usual Bar After Work One Day When This Very Attractive Woman Walks In And Sits Down Right In The Midst Of Them.

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A whole bunch of guys are hanging out in their usual bar after work
one day when this very attractive woman walks in and sits down right in
the midst of them. After about two minutes of amazed looks one of the
men manages to ask the woman her name.
"Don't you recognize me guys? It's me, Bernie. I had a sex change!"
Well, the men are all amazed at how their old drinking buddy, Bernie,
looks with all his new equipment. So they buy some more drinks and get
to talking about old times with Bernie/Bernice.
After a few hours, the conversation rolls around to the subject of
Bernice's operation.
So one of the guys says,"Tell me Bernice, what was the most painful
thing about the operation? Was it when they cut your dick off?"
Bernice says,"No. That was painful, but that wasn't the most painful
So another guy pipes up, "I'll bet I know! I'll bet the worst
part was when they cut your balls off, right?"
"No.", Bernice says, "That really hurt too, but that wasn't the
worst part either."
Finally, one of the men asks, "Well, just what was the worst, most
painful part of the operation that turned you into a woman?"
And Bernice replies, "When they cut my skull open and removed half
my brain!"