One Night Our Friend, Lets Call Him Jim, Was Out On The Town.

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One night our friend, lets call him Jim, was out on the town. It was one of
those nights when it was raining and he was _forced_ into a Pub for shelter.
You know the sort of night I mean. Well as soon as Jim went into the pub he
met a few friends and so he had a few drinks, and a few more, and a
few more......

12.00 o'clock and Jim with a rather large smile starts to stagger home
through the rain. As is usual with this state of being, Jim decides that
there is nothing better than an Indian Curry. So off he goes to his local Taj
Mahal Take-Away. He goes in an orders an _extra-extra-hot Vindaloo Curry_.

15 minutes later Jim arrives back home. He places the Curry on the kitchen
table and heads upstairs for a good piss. While he is upstairs relieving
himself the cat comes over to the table. Now the cat had been neglected and
was rather hungry, so it decided to have a go at the curry. Nibble, nibble,
chomp, chomp, lick, lick. End of Curry. Just as the cat was licking the plate
in comes Jim. Shock horror - anger - Jim starts to get mad. Grabs cat by scruff
of neck and drags it outside. "You horrible little moggie, I hate you, you're
dead now" rants our friend Jim. He fills a dustbin with water and throws the
hissing cat into the bin and place the lid on top of the bin. Then he puts a
concrete block on the bin, just to be sure.

Jim returns to his sitting room and sits down feeling very sorry for himself.
A few minutes later he hears a knock on the window. He goes over and opens
it. Who should be there but the cat. Jim can't believe his eyes.

The cat looks at Jim and says "You wouldn't happen to have any more water ,
please ? ".