A LADA On A Highway Is Suddenly Stopping. Closely Behind Is There A JAGUAR, Which Crashes On It.

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A LADA on a highway is suddenly stopping. Closely behind is there a JAGUAR,
which crashes on it. And behind, a ROLLS-ROYCE, which crashes on the JAGUAR.
The ROLLS-ROYCE driver steps out of his car, and complains:
``You fool, my radiator grille is broken, it will cost me one day of income!''
Complains the JAGUAR driver:
``The front of my car is squeezed, it will cost me one month of salary!''
Says the LADA driver:
``My car is completely smashed, I will have to work one year pay myself a new
Answers the ROLLS-ROYCE driver:
``Fancy anyone buying such an expensive car?''