A Golfer Hooks His Drive Into The Woods To The Left Of The Fairway.

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A golfer hooks his drive into the woods to the left of the fairway. While
looking for his ball he happens upon a leprechaun. The leprechaun asks him,
"How's your round of golf is going?". The golfer admits, "I'm having one of
my worst rounds ever." The leprechaun zaps the golfer with a magic spell.
The leprechaun then asks, "How's your sex life doing?" The golfer replies,
"In all honesty, I haven't had any in years." So, the leprechaun zaps him
with another spell. The golfer goes on to have his best round ever.

Two months later the golfer is playing the same course. He checks to see if
the leprechaun is still around. Sure enough, he spots him in the woods. The
leprechaun asks, "How's how has your golf been lately?" The golfer responds
with pride, "I'm playing the best golf of my life." The leprechaun than asks,
"How's your sex life doing?" The golfer replies happily, "I've been getting
some almost every other week." The leprechaun seemed dismayed and said, "Boy,
I would have thought you would be doing much better than that." The golfer
replied, "Well for a priest, from a small town, with no car, every other week
isn't so bad."