OK, Like, So There Were These Three Priests. Insert Your Denomination Here.

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OK, like, so there were these three priests. Insert your denomination
here. There's a young priest, a middle-aged priest, and an elderly priest.

They're taking a business trip to Pittsburgh, and they need small change
for the tolls and tips and such. So at the airport, when they approach
the ticket agent to buy the airline tickets, the young priest saunters
up to the young woman who is behind the booth.

He notices that she has a very sheer blouse on when he gets close...and,
well, frankly, her nipples are rather visible. This woman has quite a
bodacious set of tatas; that is to say; she has massive gazongas. Our
young clergyman hero speaks thusly, "I'd like three pickets to Tittsburgh,

Well, needless to say, he is a mite flustered. The middle-aged priest comforts
him. "It happens to the best of us, m'lad. Let me take care of this."

He swaggers up to the sheer blouse-clad wench. "I'd like three tickets
to Pittsburgh, please," he enunciates confidently. "And I'd like the
change in nipples and dimes." Well, that blows his bravado.

Red-faced, he retreats back to his brethren. "My son, let me handle this,"
reassures the kind, grandfatherly church elder.

He approaches the ticket agent. "I'd like three tickets to Pittsburgh,"
he avers cleanly. "And I'd like the change in nickles and dimes."

"Certainly," replies the young lady.

"Thank you my dear," he adds, glancing cockily at his fellow clergymen.
"My prayer for you will be that when you die, St. Hand has his peter
out to greet you."