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Yrneh Etac VII - Device busy
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77. HO HUM -- The Redundant

------- (7) This hexagram refers to a situation of extreme
--- --- (8) boredom. Your programs always bomb off. Your wife
------- (7) smells bad. Your children have hives. You are working
---O--- (6) on an accounting system, when you want to develop
---X--- (9) the GREAT AMERICAN COMPILER. You give up hot dates
--- --- (8) to nurse sick computers. What you need now is sex.

Nine in the second place means:
The yellow bird approaches the malt shop. Misfortune.

Six in the third place means:
In former times men built altars to honor the Internal
Revenue Service. Great Dragons! Are you in trouble!

From etac7@nowhere Wed Nov 21 23:59:54 1990
From: etac7@nowhere (Yrneh Etac VII - File exists)
Subject: Funky stuff - part 160

A Swiss-cheese sandwich goes into a bar and orders a beer.
The bartender says, "I'm sorry: we don't serve food here."