These Are From Flumen And Flumen, J. Of School Psychol.

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These are from Flumen and Flumen,
J. of School Psychol., 17, 82-84, 1979

The questions are those from the WISCR and WPPSI
(IQ Tests for little people)

q: In what way are an apple and a banana alike?
A: Both give me diarrhea

q: What is the color of rubies?
A: My sister, Ruby, is black like me.

q: What should you do if you see thick black smoke
coming from the window of your neighbour's house?
a: I would probly cough. I'm lergic to smoke.

q: What doyou call this finger?
a: It's your sucker.

q: What does contagious mean?
a: Don't go near the baby. She might throw up.

q: What does the stomach do?
A: It makes food so it can come out of my rear
end smoother.

q: Why do we have to put stamps on letters?
A: I don't know where else toput them.

Q: If I cut an apple in half, how many pieces will
I have?
A: one
Q: Are you sure I will only have one piece?
A; Yes. I will have the other piece.

q: Name 2 things that are round.
A: Boobs

Q: What is the thing to do if you were sent to buy a loaf
of bread and the grocer says he does not have any more?
a: Call him a liar and ask him what he's trying to pull.

q; In what ways are paperback books better than hardcover
a: More dirty pictures.

Q: What is a donkey?
a: I'm not allowed to say that word.

Q: What do we call a baby cow?
A: (long pause) ... a bully?

q: Now I'm gong to say some numbers, but this time
when I stop I want you to say them backwards. For
example, if I say 9-2-7, what would you say?
A: I'd say, you've got to be kidding.