A Guy Walks Into A Bar And Sits Down On The Barstool.

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A guy walks into a bar and sits down on the barstool.
"Hey, barthendther, gifth me a beeer."
The bartender walks over with a tall cool one,
"Here'sth your beeer."
The other guy sits up straight,
"Heey, you're imithating mee."
"No, I talk thith way too."
"Okay, I guesth itth okay."
Later a big burly guy walks in and sits down at the other end of the bar.
"Yo, ba-tender. Gimme a beer."
The bartender responds,
"One beer comin' up, man."
The little guy gets ticked off and yells,
"Heey, you were imithathing mee!!"
The bartender comes over close and replies,
"No, I wasth imithathing the other guy."