In The Land Of Iraq, Umar Lost His Donkey. He Went All Around The Land Searching For His Donkey And Could Not Find It.

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In the land of Iraq, Umar lost his donkey. He went all around the
land searching for his donkey and could not find it. He came across a
tall tree, and decided that if he climbs it he will be able to see more
of the land and maybe have a better chance at finding his donkey.
As he was looking for his donkey from the top of the tree, young
lovers passed by and sat down at the tree's shade. The young man was
very excited by the girl and spoke to her softly, "My dear, I can see
the whole world in your eyes!"
Umar, who was listening to their conversation, suddenly screamed
out, "Hey Effendi, do you see my donkey in there by any chance?"

Did you hear about the new Iraqi tanks?
They're the only things equipped with back up lights..