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The Top 15 Ways to Beat the Heat in Hollywood

15> Pee Wee Herman: Duck into an adult movie theater... huh?...
Oh, *heat*??... Nevermind.

14> Robert Downey, Jr. only breaks into houses with pools.

13> George Clooney: Crushed ice in the ol' bat-codpiece.

12> Marlon Brando: Lay on the beach until a crowd gathers to pull
you back into the water.

11> Tim Allen and Kelsey Grammer: Vodka Frappuccinos.

10> O.J. Simpson: Enjoy the chilly stares and icy receptions.

9> Axl Rose: Four gallons of crank and a couple hookers usually
does the trick.

8> Tori Spelling: Install intracranial fan to keep air circulating.

7> Enjoying a nice palm frond fan by otherwise unemployed Pam

6> Menage a trois with Ice Cube and Ice T.

5> Michael Jackson has another layer of skin removed.

4> Playing Frisbee with Burt Reynolds' toupee in the shade of
Dolly Parton.

3> Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman: Lighten that heavy purse at the
nearest Scientology deposit box.

2> Frank Gifford: Find hotel near the sea. Remove pants.

and the Number 1 Way to Beat the Heat in Hollywood...

1> Pamela Anderson Lee: Drain saline. Replace with Slurpees.

This list copyright 1997 by Chris White and Ziff Davis, Inc.
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