Gorbachev Quickly Woke Raisa And His Closest Aides, Took Them To The Window And Said, &quo

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Gorbachev quickly woke Raisa and his closest
aides, took them to the window and said, "Good
morning, Comrade sun."
Again the voice boomed, "Good morning,
Comrade. Good morning to you and to the rest
of the glorious party."
Gorbachev sat down to his day's work, convinced
he was destiny's child. Later, as the sun was
setting, he walked to the window and said,
"Good evening to you, Comrade sun." When no
response came, he repeated the salutation again
and again, growing increasingly impatient with
the silence. "Sun! I'm talking to you!" he
suddenly screamed.
"F**k you, a**h*le! the voice thundered back.
"I'm in the West now!"