Unknown A Man Stoped At A Traffic Light In His Brand New Rolls Royce.

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A man stoped at a traffic light in his brand new Rolls Royce. A bright
red Porsche pulls up beside him, rolled down his window and excitedly
entices the Rolls driver to do the same.
"Whatya want?" asked the first man.
"Hey, nice wheels you got there!" said the Porsche driver, "Does that
car have a TV?"
The Rolls Royce driver replied, "Of course this car has a TV! Are you
nuts? I paid $200,000 for this car! There isn't any option this baby is
"Oh, yeah?" said the Porsche driver, "Do you have a bar in there?"
"Naturally, in fact I have two. One for the driver and one in back for
the passenger!" exclaimed the Rolls Royce driver.
"Sounds terrific," said the Porsche driver, "But I'll bet you don't have
a bed in there do you?"
The light turned green and the red Porsche speed off. The Rolls Royce
stayed put while the driver pondered that last retort. Then he drove back
to the dealership and told the Sales Manager that he just had to have a bed
in the back of the car. The Sales Manager told him that for a price he can
have any option he wanted. They agree on the price of the bed and the man
Two days later, the man returned and picked up his car with the bed
installed in the back. He drove his Rolls Royce all over town in search of
the red Porsche so he could gloat about his new option. After four hours
his search ended when he found the Porsche in a cul-de-sac. He pulled
along side the other car and seeing no one around, honked his horn. When
no one came out he leaned on the horn until the driver's window of the red
Porsche opened and a naked man leaned out; he is soaking wet. He exclaimed,
"What's your problem now bud?"
The other man replied, "Well I did it! Now I have a bed in the back of
my Rolls Royce!"
The naked man in the Porsche looked at him and yelled, "You interrupted
my shower for THAT?!!"