It Is Alive The Old Lady Who Lived Next Door To My Grandmother Was A Known Lush Around Town And Liked To Call The Police If My Granny's Dog Was Loose.

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it is alive

The old lady who lived next door to my grandmother was a known lush
around town and liked to call the police if my granny's dog was loose.
One rainy day granny and I were sitting on the porch watching the rain
and waiting for the dog to finish his "business". When he didn't come
when she called, my granny started to get worried that he had gotten off
into Nellie's yard. He soon came back with what at first looked like a
stuffed animal. "Oh my God" Granny cried, "He's gotten into Nellie's
rabbit cage and has killed her rabbit. My grandmother washed off the
mud from the lifeless rabbit and got out her blow dryer. "What are you
doing?" I asked her. "I'm going to put this rabbit back in the cage
before Nellie gets home."
A few hours later, as I was about to leave, the police arrived and
Nellie was screaming something about her rabbit. I walked over to the
policeman and asked him what was going on as my grandmother peered from
inside the house. "Old Nellie has really lost it this time. She
thinks that the rabbit she buried yesterday somehow crawled back into
its cage."