Ways To Commit Suicide After The Stock Market Crash 16> Sit Under Hong Kong Finance Minister's Window.

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Ways to Commit Suicide After the Stock Market Crash

16> Sit under Hong Kong Finance Minister's window. Wait.

15> Rub together the two pennies you still have left to create
a spark to ignite the alcohol vapors emanating from you.

14> The "Death of a Thousand Self-Inflicted Paper Cuts" from
worthless stock certificates.

13> Show up at the Million Woman March in your Al Jolson makeup.

12> Go to White House. Place life-size cutouts of Chinese
millionaires in lawn. Stand behind door and wait.

11> Enter the nearest Starbucks and declare that you've been
appointed Chief of the Slacker Police.

10> Five words: Dr. Kevorkian, Certified Financial Planner

9> Borrow $50,000 from Vinnie The Shark and invest it all in
John Denver Aeronautics.

8> Find Jim Harbaugh, then tell him he's a weenie *and* his
stocks tanked.

7> Hold a "Communists for the Deportation of Livan Hernandez"
meeting at your Miami apartment.

6> Tie yourself to Marv Albert's career.

5> Jump from the top of Janet Reno.

4> Urinate into the Times Square electronic stock ticker.

3> Sneak up quietly behind a bear, carefully place both hands
on its rear haunches, and attempt to get some eye-for-an-eye
revenge, if you know what I mean.

2> 1)Chair; 2)Chains; 3)Eyelid props; 4)The Jenny McCarthy Show.

and the Number 1 Way to Commit Suicide
After the Stock Market Crash...

1> Ponder the fact that Gates the Geek won't even miss the
$1.75 *billion* he lost today, until your head implodes.

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