Upcoming Books From Public Figures 15> Larry King -- "7 Wives For .

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Upcoming Books From Public Figures

15> Larry King -- "7 Wives for ...Me!"

14> Anonymous -- "How I Cheated the Teamsters"

13> Keyshawn Johnson -- "Let Me Clarify: ONLY When I'm Looking
and NOT at My Groin."

12> Gallagher -- "Smashing Watermelons and Other Stuff That I
Swear to God Is Really Funny"

11> Frank Gifford -- "Living Without Testicles"

10> Marcel Marceau -- " "

9> Chelsea Clinton -- "A Guide to The Best Colleges that are
More than 2000 Miles Away from Your Parents"

8> Dr. Jack Kevorkian -- "I'm Okay, You're Dead"

7> Michael Jackson -- "Sorta Off-White Like Me"

6> Waldo -- "Where's Me? A Memoir"

5> Bill Clinton -- "Women are from Venus, Bribes are from China"

4> Paula Jones -- "Small-Town Spunk & Hair Spray: My Story"

3> Newt Gingrich -- "Not Quite as Fat and Somewhat Less of An
Idiot than Rush Limbaugh"

2> Pamela Anderson Lee and Tommy Lee -- "Huked on Foniks"

and the Number 1 Upcoming Book From Public Figures...

1> Bill Clinton -- "Chicken Soup and a Jumbo Side of Cheese Fries
for the Soul"

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