New Additions To The Graceland Tour 15> "Sit On The Throne Where The King Died" Photo Booth 14> In-house Theme Restaura

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New Additions to the Graceland Tour

15> "Sit On the Throne Where The King Died" photo booth

14> In-house theme restaurant: "The Last Chili Donut"

13> Animatronic Elvis collapses in the bathroom every 5 minutes

12> "Aron" or "Aaron" live debate with G. Gordon Liddy and Noam

11> Fossilized fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, found
underneath the couch in the Jungle Room

10> The Michael Jackson Target Practice Shooting Range

9> Virtual Reality "Delusions of Persecution" room

8> Free copy of "12 Steps to Getting a Life" with any purchase
from the gift shop over $50

7> Computer-generated "Meatball's-Eye-View Trip through Elvis's

6> Elvis's Smith & Wesson remote TV control

5> New condom gift shop features "The Thin Elvis" and "The Fat

4> The Elvis-Spins-in-His-Grave rotisserie that starts
automatically when you say "Michael Jackson" or "King of Pop"

3> Elvis's deep fryer -- large enough to accommodate an entire cow

2> Ye Olde Colonel Parker Apothecary Shoppe

and the Number 1 New Addition to the Graceland Tour...

1> The "King's Colon" rollercoaster

This list copyright 1997 by Chris White and Ziff Davis, Inc.
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