Signs Arnold Schwarzenegger Is 50 Years Old 15> His Humvee's Left Turn Signal Is Always On.

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Signs Arnold Schwarzenegger is 50 Years Old

15> His Humvee's left turn signal is always on.

14> Vericose veins bulging out of his neck.

13> Black leather jacket & motorcycle boots replaced by taupe
windbreaker & white loafers

12> Can no longer throw Uncle Ted out of parties with one arm.

11> Maria falls asleep before he can get his broadsword ready, if
you know what I mean.

10> Filming constantly interrupted with, "I'll be... LINE, PLEASE!"

9> "Mr. Universe" competition declines his suggestion for a "Best
Gums Over 50" category.

8> Hemorrhoids now larger than biceps.

7> Concludes every failed bowel movement attempt by saying, "I'll
be back."

6> Ever-increasing body count in "Grumpy Old Men" sequels since he
joined the cast.

5> Has to stop and rest mid-last name when signing autographs.

4> Changed his name to "Arnie Schwartz" and moved to Miami to play
bridge every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

3> Most explosions in latest flick are the result of his worsening
lactose intolerance.

2> Every plot: Get revenge upon neighborhood kids for walking on
his lawn.

and the Number 1 Sign Arnold Schwarzenegger is 50 Years Old...

1> Has begun tucking his pecs into the front of his pants.

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