The Top 15 Things Overheard At The Baseball All-Star Game 15> "Says Who He Can't Hit?

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The Top 15 Things Overheard at the Baseball All-Star Game

15> "Says who he can't hit? I've seen him hit the 3rd base ump in
the eye with a lugie from the dugout!"

14> "Glad I got here early. I got to see Marge Schott throw out
the first slur."

13> "Sorry, kid -- this section is reserved for parole officers."

12> Announcer: "He's rounding third... Holy cow, I think he's gonna
make it..." Third Base Coach: "Stop right there! Before you
go any further, do you love me?"

11> "That Roberto Alomar is the spittin' image of his brother,

10> "Albert Belle's not playing? Now where am I gonna throw all
these beers?!!"

9> "Then she says to me, 'I can't wait to see the Big Unit in
action.' What would *you* have done, officer?"

8> "Ripken called. Said his throat feels scratchy so he's staying
home today."

7> "Is it just me, or do these hot dogs seem a little light on the
pig snouts and rodent hairs and a little heavy on the cow lips?"

6> "He's got two balls on 'im."

5> "Sorry to disappoint you, Mrs. Schott, but they're doing the
'Tomahawk chop,' not saluting Hitler."

4> "Hey, Gwynn -- Leave some Big Macs for the President!"

3> "Well it's an unusual defensive move, but there *is* no rule
which specifically prohibits defecating on third base."

2> "Alright, you got yourself a bet, Mr. Rose!!"

and the Number 1 Thing Overheard at the Baseball All-Star Game...

1> "Yes, Mr. Costas, in Cleveland, dating LeAnn Rimes *would* be
considered a felony."

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