What Do You Call A Purto Rican With No Arms? Trustworthy Why Don't Puerto Ricans Have Checking Accounts?

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What do you call a Purto Rican with no arms?

Why don't Puerto Ricans have checking accounts?
Because it's hard to sign checks with a spray can.

What do you get when you cross a Puerto Rican and a Chinaman?
A car thief who can't drive.

Why are there no Puerto Rican doctors?
Because you can't write prescriptions with spray paint.

How many people does it take to bury a Puerto Rican?
Five. One to lower the Puerto Rican, and four to lower the radio.

Do you know how to starve a Puerto Rican to death?
Hide his food stamps under his work shoes.

What name does a Hispanic fireman give his second son?
Hose "B"

How do save a drowning Colombian
throw him an anchor