Arab/Iranian Jokes Abdul And His Arab Hoard Ride Up To The Oasis And Just Before They Enter And Hand With Finger Raised Is Shown From Behind A Rock And A Voice Yells Out "Hey Abdul !

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Arab/Iranian Jokes

Abdul and his arab hoard ride up to the oasis and just before they
enter and hand with finger raised is shown from behind a rock and
a voice yells out "Hey Abdul ! EAT SHIT!"
Now Abdul hearing an Israeli accent and having been insulted in
such a way that even he can understand is upset. So Abdul orders
one of his captains to take a platoon and eliminate the infidel.
The bullets fly, the wounded scream, the smoke and dust settle
and by and large there are a lot of dead arabs on the ground.
A hand with one finger upraised shows from behind the rock and
and the voice yells out "HEY ABUL ! YOU SUCK CAMEL COCK !"
So Abdul orders his favorite captain to take his prize company
of elite shockrabtroopers and terminate the jew behind the rock
with maximum prejudice.

Insert above battle again.

And from behind the rock Abdul gets the finger again and the voice
calls out "HEY ABUL! Of all the sheep you only fuck the ugliest ones !":

So Abdul in fit a rage commands his personal guard to follow him in
a charge into battle .,....
Just as he is starting out, his favorite captain who is in the sand
Just about to croak calls out
" Master Master Go Back Go back ......
Its a trick
There are two of them"