He Yiddish Word You Need To Know Is 'naches' It Rhymes With Bach' Us With "Bach" Pronounced Like The Composer.

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[the yiddish word you need to know is 'naches'
It rhymes with Bach' us with "Bach" pronounced like the composer.
Naches is what every jewish parent wants from their children, lots of good
returns, good grades, good spouse, good grandchildren. Lots of naches.
So, now that you all understand naches, the joke:]

Two women are sitting having coffee.

"So how's your daughter ?"

"Oh Rachel! She's fine, she just married a dentist !"

"Really ? Isn't she the one that married the lawyer ?"

"Yes, that's her."

"Nice. And isn't she the same one that married the doctor ?"

"Yes, that's my Rachel!"

"And didn't she marry the bank executive before that ?"

"Yes, yes !"

"Ahhh. So much naches from one child !