Good For You! Here's A Real Aggie Joke, Not Just A Polish Joke Or Some Such That's Had A Few Words Replaced.

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Good for you! Here's a real Aggie joke, not just a Polish joke or some
such that's had a few words replaced. Hope you enjoy it:

There was once a very very stupid farmer in Texas. The farmer decided
he wanted to raise chickens, so he bought a standard gross of (144)
chicks. He planted the chicks in the field, watered them regularly,
but nothing happened. He was a persistent type, though, so he bought
another gross of chicks and planted them and cared for them -- still
nothing. Finally he decided he needed professional help, so he wrote
a letter to the Texas A & M extension service, explaining exactly
what he'd done in detail and asking for their advice. About two weeks
later he received a letter from A & M, and read it:

"Mr. X, we are unable to diagnose your problem without further information.

Please send a soil sample."