And Why Should You Never Trust The Chinese? Any Country With A Population Of Over 1 BILLION People That Claims That Ping-pong Is Their Favorite Indoor Sport Has GOT To Lie About Other Things.

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And why should you never trust the Chinese?

Any country with a population of over 1 BILLION people
that claims that ping-pong is their favorite indoor sport
has GOT to lie about other things.

What do you call an Oriental person on Quaaludes?
A mello-yellow.

What's the Chinese word for watermelon?

Have you heard of the new Oriental cookbook?
It's called 101 Ways to Wok Your Dog.

What do you call a fat Chinaman?
A chunk.

Did you hear about the new Vietnamese cookbook?
100 Ways to Wok Your Dog.

Have you heard about the new oriental cook book? It's called 101 ways
to wok your dog.

What do Orientals use Dental Floss for???

What is the current fashion rage in China?
Tank tops!

The government has called off martial law in China. They have now
established Peter Marshall law. They will ask the students several
questions and if they don't answer correctly, the government gets the

A Chinese guy goes into a bar and sits down. Upon seeing a black
bartender, he says:

"Give me a jigger, nigger."

The black man was taken aback. He explained that both gentlemen
were minorities in this country and should stick together. The
bartender then poured a jigger of scotch and walked away.

A little while later the Chinese guy was ready for another.

"Give me a jigger, nigger."

This time the black bartender was furious. Hadn't the Chinese man
been listening? He threw his apron over the bar and told the Chinese
man to try bartending for awhile. The Chinese man took his place behind
the bar. The black man walked out, walked back in, and sat at the bar.

"Give me a drink, Chink", he said.

The Chinese man turned around and said:

"We don't serve niggers."