Today Marks The First Birthday Of Rec.humor.funny. Thanks To All My Submitters For A Funny Year, And Thanks To The Readers, Too.

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Today marks the first birthday of rec.humor.funny. Thanks to all my
submitters for a funny year, and thanks to the readers, too.
(Please don't mail to thank me, the 700 Poll responses were enough.)

My only disappointment is that the group still shows only 85% propagation
on the net surveys. If your site doesn't get the group yet ...
then how the hell are you reading this? But seriously, since this group
does have one of the best volume/readership ratios around, I'm not sure
of the origin of this figure.

Now might be a good time to review the posting regs, but I think I'll wait
until after vacation time is over for a full scale review. Quick reminder:
a) No form feeds
b) ONE joke per submission, with an informative subject
c) Mail rather than post the jokes (It's hard to reply to posted stuff)
d) I reply to every submission, but about 25% of these replies bounce
e) Do not rotate what you send me, it's annoying.
f) Please tell me where you heard it, and tell me if you wrote it.
I am more lenient with original stuff.
g) I believe the U.S.'s founding fathers intended to make a system
where you could get off on technicalities.
h) There is no rule 6.
i) BMW stands for "I'm a frayed not."
j) Gestation is a bitch, and then you're born.
h) Don't send me stuff from rec.humor.

More news later, same bat time, same bat channel.
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From werner Wed Jul 13 14:06:34 1988
Flags: 000000000001
From: jackm@devvax.Jpl.Nasa.Gov.UUCP (Jack Morrison)
Subject: Another comp.newprod reject?
Keywords: original, chuckle
Date: 9 Aug 88 03:30:03 GMT
Organization: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA.

| KnowWare, Inc. announces the following word processing products: |

PAIR-O-DOCS - A split-screen basic text editor.

LINE-O-TYPE - A complete WYSIWYGLY Desktop Publishing system.

XY-MORON - A scientific document system, extremely easy-to-use.

WORD WAR I - Specialized editor for defense contractors.

LEFT WRITE - A TSR utility that remaps the keyboard for left-handed typists.

MAC-ULET (Univerity Level Editing Tool) - Oriented to thesis writing.

YAYA (Yet Another YACC Alternative) - A first text editor for grammar schools.

LET US 123 - A basic mathematics teaching package.

All products will be shipping shortly. (We thought of the names already;
how long could it take to write them?).

Also announcing a product to be available in the next quarter (century):

LASER TURBO HYPETEX II-PLUS - An object-oriented AI-based 5th-generation
vaporware prototyping environment, including propietary and
patented Integrated Buzzword Manufacturing (IBM).

B.T.W., MAC and YACC are S.E.T. (Somebody Else's Trademarks).