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From greg@june.cs.washington.edu Mon May 8 02:20:05 1989
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From: greg@june.cs.washington.edu (Greg Barnes)
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Subject: Exxon attacked
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Date: 8 May 89 07:20:05 GMT
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[Background: Stephen Rice, a Seattle man, is charged with shooting at the
windows of a local Exxon station. Jonathan Love is the prosecutor for the

(From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, page B1, Wednesday, April 19th:)

Love requested bail be set at $5000 pending arraignment tomorrow
and expressed concerns about the release of Rice.
"The defendant stated he would continue to shoot at Exxon stations
until they did something in Alaska about the oil spill," Love told the
court. "At the rate Exxon is progressing, it is best that Mr. Rice remain
in jail."