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From cphoenix@csli.Stanford.EDU Sun May 7 05:30:05 1989
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From: cphoenix@csli.Stanford.EDU (Chris Phoenix)
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Subject: Police stupidity
Keywords: smirk, sick
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Date: 7 May 89 10:30:05 GMT
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Heard from a friend whose friend "actually" saw it happen.

There was a terrible auto accident, with body parts lying around.
A very stupid policeman was filling out a form telling where the parts were.
He was having some trouble spelling: "Torso, in ditch. t-o-r...s-o, in
d-i-c-no, t-c-h. Head, in avenue. h-e-d-no, h-e-a-d, in a-v-i...a-v-e...
<KICK> d-i-t-c-h.