Commandments Of Helicopter Flying. 1. He Who Inspecteth Not His Aircraft Giveth His Angels Cause To Concern Him.

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Commandments of Helicopter Flying.

1. He who inspecteth not his aircraft giveth his angels cause to
concern him.

2. Hallowed is thy airflow across thy disc restoring thine
Translational Lift.

3. Let infinite discretion govern thy movement near the ground,
for vast is the area of destruction.

4. Blessed is he who strives to retain his standards, for
without them he shall surely perish.

5. Thou shalt maintain thy speed whilst between ten and four hundred
feet lest the earth rise and smite thee.

6. Thou shall not make trial of thy centre of gravity lest thou
dash thy foot against a stone.

7. Thou shalt not let thy confidence exceed thy ability, for broad
is the way to destruction.

8. He that doeth his approach and alloweth the wind to turn behind
him shall surely make restitution.

9. He who alloweth his tail rotor to catch in the thorns curseth
his childrens children.

10. Observe thou this parable lest on the morrow thy friends mourn thee.