There Was This Frog On A Lily Pad, In The Middle Of A Pond, Surrounded By Alligators.

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There was this frog on a lily pad, in the middle of a pond,
surrounded by alligators. He didn't want to be eaten but he couldn't
think of a way to get to edge of the pond without being gobbled up.
Then, as he was about to give up, he looked up. Up in a tree was an owl.

He called to the owl and asked, "Mr. Owl, I am stuck on a lily pad in
the middle of this pond, surrounded by alligators. How can I get to the
edge of the pond without being eaten?"

The owl looked down at the frog and said, "Well Mr. Frog, it is
obvious. You should fly off your lily pad to the edge of the pond."

Hearing this, the frog began to flap his arms frantically. He then
leaped into the air so as to fly to the edge of the pond. But instead he
fell right into the open mouth of a nearby alligator.

Just before the alligator closed his mouth, the frog shouted up to the
owl in the tree, "Mr. Owl, didn't you know that frogs can't fly?"

The owl responded, "I do concepts, not implementation."