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Dec 2014 Holiday Gathering [Protected]
Nov 2014 Sophie's 3rd birthday [Protected]
 A Gatsby Halloween [Protected]
Jul 2012 Car [Protected]
Mar 2012 Parsa's Birthday Party [Protected]
 Noor's Birthday Party [Protected]
 Pars Gala [Protected]
Apr 2011 Babak and Rosha's Wedding [Protected]
Oct 2008 Philip's 40th Birthday Party [Protected]
Sep 2008 Noosheen's Birthday Party [Protected]
 Marcus's Party in San Francisco [Protected]
Aug 2008 Ad.Com 10 Year Anniversary Party at the Picchetti Winery
 Jasmeet and Bhautik's Wedding [Protected]
Jun 2008 Negin and Vahid's Wedding [Protected]
May 2008 Philadelphia and Las Vegas [Protected]
 Sara and Hazhir's Wedding [Protected]
Mar 2008 Ahmadreza's Birthday [Protected]
 Nowrooz Gathering [Protected]
 New House [Protected]
Dec 2007 Holiday Party 2007
Nov 2007 Biking with Marcus, Christian and Axel
 Fargol's Birthday Party [Protected]
Oct 2007 Windsurfing on Shoreline Lake
Jul 2007 Sharif EE Reunion [Protected]
May 2007 Angela's Graduation [Protected]
 Angela's Final Project [Protected]
 Beer Pong and Gurav and Mark's
 Bocce Ball
Mar 2007 Angel's Friends Dinner [Protected]
 Biking in SF [Protected]
 Anthony and Gurav's Party [Protected]
 Hiking in Alum Rock and Biking in Vessona [Protected]
 Sara Visits [Protected]
 Movie Night [Protected]
Feb 2007 Santa Cruz and Carmel [Protected]
 Khaleh Monir and Farzaneh in San Jose [Protected]
 San Francisco [Protected]
 Sia, Fel and Layla Visit [Protected]
Jan 2007 Angela's High School Friends [Protected]
 Tahoe Ski Trip [Protected]
Dec 2006 Ad.Com Holiday Party
 Golyar's Birthday Party [Protected]
Nov 2006 Angela's Birthday [Protected]
Oct 2006 Movie Night at Our House [Protected]
 San Francisco with Sara, Nazanin and Nooshin [Protected]
 East Bay with Hodjat's and Fargol [Protected]
Sep 2006 Tom and Maggie's Wedding [Protected]
Aug 2006 Nazila's Birthday Party [Protected]
Jun 2006 Lunch with the Kazerouni's [Protected]
 Iran - Mexico (Family) [Protected]
 Iran - Mexico in Nurnberg
 Paris - Versille [Protected]
 Paris - Sacre Coeur [Protected]
 Paris - Louvre [Protected]
 Paris - Eiffel [Protected]
 Frankfurt [Protected]
Apr 2006 Engineering Banquet [Protected]
Feb 2006 Last day at OKI
 Allameh Helli Reunion
 Oki Xmas Party [Protected]
 Siamak's Birthday Potluck [Protected]
Dec 2005 Visiting Daniel Vossough in Boston [Protected]
Nov 2005 Thanksgiving 2005 [Protected]
 Azadeh's Birthday Party at Dariush's [Protected]
 Angela's Birthday at Ahmad & Angela's [Protected]
Oct 2005 Sharif EE Reunion in LA - Shahin [Protected]
 Sharif EE Reunion in LA [Protected]
 Holloween Party at Safa's [Protected]
 Beautiful Minds Meeting in Napa Valley [Protected]
Sep 2005 Maryam K's Birthday Party [Protected]
 OKI IT Party [Protected]
 Labor Day Weekend at Reza's Ranch [Protected]
Aug 2005 Carnegie Mellon Graduation
 Yosemite - Half Dome Hike
Jul 2005 Wedding - Collection - The Couple [Protected]
 Wedding - Collection - Ceremony [Protected]
 Wedding - Studio - Artway [Protected]
 Wedding - Aghd - Artway [Protected]
 Wedding - Outside - Artway [Protected]
May 2005 Marymount University Graduation Event [Protected]
 Washington, DC
Apr 2005 Dinner at Bahram's
Mar 2005 1st Pavarchin Night [Protected]
 Farnaz and Dan's Wedding Party [Protected]
 CMU eSlide
 Nowrooz at Arash & Farnoosh's [Protected]
 Chahar Shanbeh Soori [Protected]
 Nowrooz Party in Terra Bella [Protected]
 Biking in Monterey [Protected]
 Pinnacles National Monument
Sep 2004 BBQ at Felicite and Siamak's [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Shahin [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Ahmad - Cake and Goodbye [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Ahmad - Speech, Rings and Dance [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Ahmad - Dinner and Dance [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Ahmad - Reception, Family and Dance [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Ahmad - Outside Photos [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Philip [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Farnaz [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Sherry [Protected]
 Engagement Party - Babak [Protected]
 Home [Protected]
Aug 2004 Sausalito [Protected]
 Stanford with Mom and Dad [Protected]
 Family Gathering [Protected]
 Mom and Dad - Arrival and Drive from SC [Protected]
Jul 2004 Giants Game at SBC Park [Protected]
 4th of July in SF [Protected]
 Rock the Boat Dance Party [Protected]
Jun 2004 Siamak's Birthday at Chelokababi [Protected]
 Reza's Birthday Party in Terra Bella [Protected]
 A Day in Santa Cruz [Protected]
May 2004 Shirin Ebadi at Stanford
 Boat Inspection for the Party
 Angela and Farnaz Cooking at Ahmad's [Protected]
 Alissa Visits [Protected]
Apr 2004 Dinner at Ahmad's [Protected]
 Ramin Shahidi's Birthday [Protected]
 Joubin's Birthday Party [Protected]
Mar 2004 New Place [Protected]
 Family Get-together [Protected]
 Dinner at Ahmad's [Protected]
Feb 2004 Tiburon with Visitors from Boston [Protected]
 NBA Match - Indiana Pacers vs Golden State Warriors
Jan 2004 Seals - Ano Nuevo
 NASA Space Show
 Dinner at Ahmad's [Protected]
Dec 2003 San Francisco, Tiburon, Paradise Park [Protected]
 Arizona: Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Hoover Dam
 Death Valley: Golden Canyon, Devil's Golf Course
 Ahmad's Birthday Party [Protected]
Nov 2003 Angela's Birthday Party at Siamak's [Protected]
 San Francisco with Orandi's
 Thanksgiving at Sadrzadeh's [Protected]
 Peter and Deanna's Thanksgiving Dinner
 Cirque Du Soleil
 Angela's Birthday [Protected]
 Philip's Birthday Party at Ahmad's [Protected]
 Angela's Birthday Party [Protected]
 Sherry's Birthday Party [Protected]
Oct 2003 Big Sur and Monterey
 First Movie and Game Night at Ahmad's [Protected]
Sep 2003 PTG Party at Stanford's EVC [Protected]
Aug 2003 Skat Bright [Protected]
 Santa Cruz [Protected]
 Mt. Manuel
 BBQ at Mac and Fel's [Protected]
 Golden Gate Park [Protected]
Jul 2003 Dinner at Ahmad's with Armenian Friends [Protected]
 Camera Phone Pictures
 North Dakota
 A Day in San Francisco [Protected]
Jun 2003 Downtown Las Vegas
 Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon
 Las Vegas [Protected]
 Castle Rock Falls
 Pacbell Park
May 2003 Terra Bella [Protected]
 Felicite and Mac's Housecooling
 San Francisco
 A Day in Berkeley
 Hawaiian Friday
Apr 2003 Ghalyoon at Behkam's
 Naz's Birthday Party [Protected]
Mar 2003 Terra Bella and Eagle Mountain Casino [Protected]
 Susan Roshan and Mehrdad [Protected]
 Nowrooz [Protected]
 Chahar Shanbeh Soori [Protected]
 San Jose Sharks [Protected]
Feb 2003 Amirhossein Visits
 Irvine and Balboa Island [Protected]
 Los Angeles [Protected]
Jan 2003 San Francisco Peace Rally
 New Year's Eve [Protected]
Dec 2002 Xmas
 Lake Tahoe
 San Francisco
 More Madison [Protected]
 Chicago [Protected]
 Madison, Wisconsin [Protected]
Nov 2002 Pool Night Photos by Eangelica [Protected]
 Negar's Birthday in Halfmoon Bay [Protected]
 Nojan and Ava
 Santa Cruz & Capitola
 Santa Barbara
Oct 2002 Giants with OKI Fellows
 New House
 Eangelica's Birthday Party [Protected]
Sep 2002 SF Giants
Aug 2002 Ebi/Dariush Concert and SF Shots
Jul 2002 Seattle
Jun 2002 Orgeon
May 2002 Eley! [Protected]
 Amir Bigguy's Graduation Party and Kings Canyon [Protected]
Apr 2002 Behrang's Party
Mar 2002 UCLA Paty, 4 Shanbe Soory and Sea World, San Diego
Feb 2002 The Bay Area
Jan 2002 OTELNET
Dec 2001 Minnesota
Nov 2001 Porterville, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe
Oct 2001 Napa Valley [Protected]
Sep 2001 Bald Guys and Solano Avenue Stroll
Jul 2001 Terra Bella and Bay Area
Jun 2001 Morva Gang, Berkeley Views
May 2001 Turkey
Apr 2001 Shomal
Mar 2001 Graduation
Jan 2001 International Young Fair
Dec 2000 Dubai
Sep 2000 Military Service
May 2000 Computer Fair
Feb 2000 Sharif University
Dec 1999 Safakadeh
May 1999 Sharif University of Technology
May 1998 Home
Feb 1998 Farnaz
Jan 1998 Taleghan
Oct 1997 Hamid's Birthday
Jul 1997 Kerman
Jan 1992 Allame Helli Teachers
 Allameh Helli Teachers' Bloopers
 High School Days
Jan 1990 Misc (Old Photos)
Dec 1899 Cottage
 Iran - Mexico in Nurnberg (Forsat)
Dec 1799 Trailer
Dec 1699 Canoeing on the Russian River [Protected]
Dec 1599 Kaveh - New
 Kaveh - Friends [Protected]
 Kaveh - Private [Protected]
 Kaveh - Public
Dec 1499 Untitled
Dec 1399 Antiques
Dec 1299 Sherry's Birthday Party
Dec 1199 Joe and Dorothy's Block Party
Dec 1099 Temporary Folder for Mohammad & Nora
Dec 999 Temporary Folder for SHJ and SH [Protected]
Dec 1999 Press [Protected]

Photos in Mt. Manuel: