Guest Book - Mike Dolley - 02/24/2008


Name:   Mike Dolley
E-Mail:   campaign at
Location:   BS29 6DB
Birth Year:   1959
Gender:   Male
Comments:   Hello my name is Mike and i am very interested in all this but i am very new to the internet and would much rather have it explained to me over the phone or in simple language over email. If any one can help my mobile is 07885 316696. If i could get perhaps a brochure my address is Leeside West Street Banwell North Somerset BS29 6DB yours sincerely Mike Dolley
Fortune:   > How I install ppp ? I am Netvision user. You call Netvision support and ask them. They will tell you what I tell you - bugger off. Then, read the FAQ and HOWTO. -- Marc A. Volovic on linux

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