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msn conversation between "you know who" & "you know who knows; who"!

BinLaden9151: hello??
XprezbushX: who is this!!!11111 a/s/l
BinLaden9151: osama
XprezbushX: thats a funny name
BinLaden9151: at least its not bush lol
XprezbushX: shut up
BinLaden9151: did u get my message
XprezbushX: whut message
BinLaden9151: u know, my message
BinLaden9151: it wuz delivered by airmail
BinLaden9151: right into ur trade towers
XprezbushX: shut up that wasnt funny!!!!111111
BinLaden9151: lol
XprezbushX: SHUT UP!!!! :X
BinLaden9151: r u mad
XprezbushX: yah
BinLaden9151: why??????
XprezbushX: u messed with my country
BinLaden9151: well now u know how i feel
XprezbushX: whut do u mean
BinLaden9151: other countries and forces hurt my people all the time
XprezbushX: hello!!! whut duz that have 2 do with us
BinLaden9151: like u give guns and money and missiles and stuff 2 a lot of those people
XprezbushX: oic
XprezbushX: but ur terrorists, how can u speak out against violence
BinLaden9151: jeez u label anybody who goes against injustice a
BinLaden9151: i bet if u were picking on my little brother and i
punched u youd start screaming TERRORIST! TERRORIST!
XprezbushX: i never touched ur little brother
XprezbushX: besides there r other, more civilized ways 2 battle
BinLaden9151: ur missing the point
XprezbushX: whutz the point anyway
BinLaden9151: i love my people like brothers and ur military is all
up in our holy land!!! 1
BinLaden9151: its pissing us off
XprezbushX: whatever dude
XprezbushX: is that all
BinLaden9151: no
BinLaden9151: imperialistic american globalization is a raging
torrent thats going to wash away our borders, our cultures and our identities
XprezbushX: whut u mean???!!!111111
BinLaden9151: im afraid that tomorrow im going to wake up and see a mcdonalds next to my mosque
BinLaden9151: and ur troops will be like, relax yall, just have a
happy meal!!
XprezbushX: so whut r u wearing
BinLaden9151: ???
XprezbushX: sorry wrong window lol
BinLaden9151: lol
XprezbushX: ok so whut were u saying
BinLaden9151: like
BinLaden9151: basically
BinLaden9151: a lot of all the jets and tanks and gunships that
terrorize us might as well be painted red, white and blue
XprezbushX: a/s/l
BinLaden9151: ???
XprezbushX: sorry wrong window again
XprezbushX: hello r u there
BinLaden9151: YESS!!
XprezbushX: u started all this anyway
BinLaden9151: did not!
XprezbushX: u did too!
BinLaden9151: u started it!!
XprezbushX: lalalala
XprezbushX: i cant hear u
BinLaden9151: i will make ur life a living hell
XprezbushX: haha ur acting like a 13 year old girl who just got her phone taken away
BinLaden9151: shut up
BinLaden9151: ur immature
XprezbushX: relax, have a happy meal lol
BinLaden9151: ARRRGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!11
XprezbushX: i think our blind rage is obscuring solutions--can we set aside our feelings and just talk about this like civilized

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