Clinton Versus Nixon


  • Major Scandal during their presidency...
    • Nixon: Watergate
      Clinton: Waterbed

  • The President's biggest fear...
    • Nixon: The Cold War
      Clinton: The Cold Sore

  • Complaints toward the President...
    • Nixon: Carpet-Bombing
      Clinton: Carpet-Burns

  • Their Vice-Presidents...
    • Nixon: His was Greek
      Clinton: His is a Geek.

  • Presidential qualities...
    • Nixon: Couldn't stop Kissinger.
      Clinton: Couldn't stop kissing her.

  • Things the President couldn't explain....
    • Nixon: The missing 18-minutes on the tapes
      Clinton: The 36D bra in his briefcase

  • Presidential Nicknames....
    • Nixon: Tricky Dick
      Clinton: Slick Willy

  • Presidential excuses....
    • Nixon: I am not a crook
      Clinton: I didn't get in her nook
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    109. [page] If The Republicans Controlled PBS
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    111. [page] Independence Revocation
    112. [page] Independent Political Parties That Didn T Make It
    113. [picture] Iraq Explained
    114. [page] Israeli Economic Planning
    115. [page] Israeli Rhetoric
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    189. [page] The Gingrich That Stole Congress
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    215. [page] US-Iraqi Policy
    216. [page] USA Vs Santa Claus
    217. [page] US Army Official Voice Mail Message
    218. [page] US Congress
    219. [page] US Sues G-d For Monopoly Of The Universe
    220. [page] Veni, Vidi, Vici
    221. [page] Voting Decisions
    222. [page] What About Whiskey?
    223. [page] Which Candidate To Vote For?
    224. [picture] World According To The USA
    225. [page] You Might Be A Democrat If
    226. [page] You Might Be A Conservative If
    227. [page] You Might Be A Democrat If
    228. [page] You Might Be A Liberal If
    229. [picture] Bushi1
    230. [picture] Bushi2